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We are proud to host a number of independent films for you to enjoy. You can also submit your own film to be shown 27/4 at this very site!

Now Showing



A unwanted visitor stalks a family -
will no one save them?

Watch "Axeman"



See the wondrous workings of
 a can machine.

Watch "The Can"


The latest in basketball videos:
The Frankston "'Rise'" Tour Vol 2.

Watch "Rise"


When a man has a dream about a box, he discovers that they are beginning to
appear in his conscious world.

Watch "The Box"


Ever got a parking ticket?
Vent your frustration!

Watch "Undercover Carpark"


Submit your Film

Got a short film you want the world to see? Our Video section is just the place to put it. Send your details to for more information.