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Welcome to the home of Big Cheese Productions.

Take a look around and see what interests you - there is something for everyone!

Flummaxed is a PC adventure game: the story of a man kidnapped in a case of mistaken identity.
Coal is our adventure game development system -
free for any budding developers.
Angry Pants
Angry Pants: the on-going comic tale
of a man and his monkey.
Scum of the Universe
A little bit of violence, humour and
craziness in a comic.


May 30th 2010
A new site has been launched dedicated to Shaun Micallef - check it out.

June 8th 2009
Wow, it has really been a long time since last update. Time (and life) go by so quickly..
We're still here, and hopefully we'll have some exciting news soon!

July 24th 2006
A new message board is now online. Drop us a line and stay for a chat!

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