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Big Cheese Productions produces adventure game related software for the Microsoft Windows 32-bit environment. We can also custom-build software.

In Production


Flummaxed is an exciting new adventure game in development with plenty of twists, intrigue, futuristic clichés and humour. It will leave you dazed, confused and flummoxed!

Find out about the current progress, view previews of the final product and more.

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Current Titles


Coal is an adventure game development system which is specifically created for anyone who has artistic flair, but not the knowledge of computer programming.

With an entirely point-and-click interface, Coal has a full range of programs to help you bring your game from concept to distribution.

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Barry the Bum

An adventure game about Barry James Austin, a man who has been living on the streets for a good part of his life, and needs you to pick him up and give him a new start.

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Custom Software

We have also built a few applications for custom purposes. If you have a requirement for purpose built software, we may be able to help you. Send your details to for more information.