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The artwork section features a gallery of various creations from our talented artists. Archived comics are also on show.

Current Titles

Angry Pants

Angry Pants is about, well.. angry pants. And a monkey!

This site has short comic pieces by Martin Abel,
published since 2002.

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Scum of the Universe
Scum of the Universe is a pointless, violent and occasionally funny comic strip about two intergalactic bounty hunters.

A new 3-4 page episode is released every month by Greg Lockhart.

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You can also check out the following archived productions:


Strange, alien beings are headed for Earth. Crossing light years of emptiness, they have one objective in mind: enslavement of the human race. Only one thing stands between them and us: the Resistance.

This short special comic is written by Antony Johnson and illustrated by Martin Abel.

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Dabinkdah is a group of comic strips with a fresh and humorous appeal. While out of production, the comics and their support material, compiled by creator Greg Lockhart, are worth viewing.

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An old production by Martin Abel, Rotten is an unfinished comic book about the devil and a fox. You can view all that ever existed of this comic at its website.

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